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Ria Warm Cleansing Balm

My current evening cleansing routine  starts with riA Tokyo’s Warming Cleansing Balm.  There are not many UK stockists of this brand… but I came across this range whilst I was browsing on www.nivenandjoshua.com for a pressie for my Mister.   riA Tokyo is an organic brand  which does not use artificial colouring, synthetic perfumes, synthetic surfactants, mineral oil or parabens and the cleansing balm seemed like a good way to dip my toe into the brand.

Niven and Joshua have speedy delivery and a couple of days later I received my product, (no pressie for Mister) which was sent in a box that was HUGE compared to the size of the product along with a sample of a product that had been on my wish list which I will be reviewing next week (thanks Niven and Joshua!)

The balm comes in a  shiny black box, with silver writing. Inside the box you are presented with  a light weight, white plastic jar (reminds me of a cold cream jar) with silver writing.

Inside the jar, is the solid,  peachy/blush coloured balm.  When you dip your finger into the jar (it does not come with a spatula) the balm has the consistency of Turkish delight that has been left out in the sun so it has softened by not melted.

This is not an aromatherapy range – although it does smell good.  It has warm citrus fragrance which is not overwhelming.  The first time I used the balm, I did not use enough product (I was a bit distracted by the telly).  The texture is tighter than Emma Hardie’s Moringa balm so I found that on massaging it in, I did not get much slip.  The second time I used it,  I used too much!  There was plenty of slip and I was able to do an impromptu hand massage, very nice.  When you get the amount right, which I managed on my third and subsequent uses, you will find that this has good slip and massages very nicely.  A cherry sized blob is recommended by I find that is a bit too much.  It does not melt to a liquid on the skin but it is easily massaged.  The balm is warm on the skin, (like it says on the jar) it does not burn and it is not hot, it is warm.  You only get the warm sensation when it is on your face, when you are massaging in between your palms, you don’t feel the warmth.    You will find that  when you exhale from your nose, the air from your nostrils  heats up the balm on your top lip.  It is a strange experience but you  get used to it.

The website www.ria-tokyo.com and the instructions leaflet that comes with the product are in Japanese.  Your search engine will translate the website for you but Niven and Joshua do a good job of explaining about the range and how to use the products on their site.

The product is easily removed with a flannel or just rinsed off with water.  Don’t expect it to emulsify into a milk because it wont, but it is easily removed.  I have followed this product with toner eyecream and a light night cream on some nights and on others, with toner eyecream and Alpha H Liquid Gold.  With both routines I have woken up to clearer skin and the pores on my cheeks  appeared to be smaller.

I like the ‘chemically clean’  philosophy of this brand, and more than that, I like the fact that I consistently see the improvement in my skin the next day.  I only use it at night but it could be used in the morning.  I’m keen to try other products from this range and have put their Balancing Oil on my wish list.

Do you have a favourite Japanese skincare brand?  Have you tried the riA Balancing Oil?  Let me know.


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