Rose, but not as I know it: NEOM Moroccan Blush Rose Handcream

Neom complete Bliss Hand Cream

Yesterday I wrote about Jurlique Lavender Handcream.  A very good handcream, but not very practical for carrying around in my bag.  In fairness, my increased water consumption and the Jurlique are not completely responsible for the improvement in my digestive biscuit dry hands.  As the Jurlique resides at home, and I spend my most of my days at work, I have  another product in my regime.

NEOM Complete Bliss Moroccan Blush Rose Organic Cream.  Quite a hefty title eh?  I bought Harpers Bazaar this month and this handcream was taped very tightly to it.  You can see the sellotape residue on the tube!  NEOM is a brand that I LOVE. Their bodywash and lotion and of course their candles are products that I often treat myself with and I spend more time then I should on   So when I saw NEOM handcream, I expected it to be great.  However, only the Moroccan Blush Rose fragrance was available in the newsagent. Ummm… I don’t like rose fragranced products.  Not in perfume, not in scented candles, not in Turkish Delight, and definitely not in handcream.  I like the fragrance of real roses growing in my parent’s garden, or cut roses in a bouquet of flowers, but I don’t like how it translates to products.

I enjoy Harpers Bazaar magazine and the handcream has a retail value of £15, so I figured that I would keep the magazine and give the handcream to one of my sisters.  Win -win right?   Hmmm. By the time I had completed my journey from East to South London, I’d already used the handcream twice!

It is a lighter texture then the Jurlique, (think salad cream compared to mayonnaise) but it is definitely a cream not a lotion. This is a rich product and contains the Holy Trinity of skin nourishing oils – avocado, argan and almond.  As the texture is lighter then the Jurlique, there is no need to wait a couple of minutes before you use your smartphone, and the tube is plastic so it can reside at the bottom of your bag with minimal external damage.  The tube fits in my makeup bag easily but it also fits in the zip pocket in my handbag.

But what about the fragrance?  Well, I really like this fragrance! Yes, I know that I said that I don’t like rose as a fragrance, but there is something about this rose that I really like.  That something being:-

  •  lime,
  • black pepper,
  • geranium,
  • cedarwood and
  • vanilla.

Everyone’s body chemistry and noses are different – but for me NEOM have created a blend which retains the floral element but is not rosy!  The lime cuts through the headiness, the vanilla gives it warmth and the cedarwood, depth.

My hands are definitely improving with this three pronged approach and I have learnt that not all rose fragrances are created equally.


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