Holiday Skincare: SPF 55 from Hampton Sun

Hampton Sun SPF 55

For some people, purchasing sun protection is easy.  You go to the local pharmacy,  pick up a product that you like the look of, make sure it has UVA, UVB and decide whether you want  it in a lotion or  spray.  There are lots of choices… but not for me. Sunblocks generally contain zinc oxide and or titanium dioxide.  These ingredients help to prevent the sun from penetrating  the skin and make the product opaque.  For me, the opacity sits on my skin like an unconvincing  ghostly veil.  No amount of rubbing takes away the  white layer.  It sits on the surface of the skin.  If you are applying sun block to your body which you then intend to cover with clothes, the opacity can be covered up, but for face and exposed arms and legs this is an issue.  Being black and sun safe is not straightforward

Opaque sun products applied to the face can be covered up with complexion products.  The application needs to be flawless (brush works much better than fingers) which is viable for the UK’s ‘summer’ but for  holidaying in the Caribbean with the heat and humidity it not an option.  This year I have been using Hampton Sun SPF 55 Continuous Mist Sunscreen . It is a spray formulation which can be used on the face and the body. This product does not leave the ghostly veil on the skin. HURRAH!!!!

The fragrance is initially quite sharp but that soon wears off to leave a pleasant fragrance which I  find hard to describe. it is not floral, or woody or citrus . the products is enriched with vitamins A – E and has a range of botanicals including, ginger, lemon calendula and cucumber, which have toning, regeneration and anti inflammatory properties.  I did not notice the effect of the botanicals on my skin but it did help to protect my skin from the sun.

The bottle is a bit quite chunky and is metal. it is cool to the touch and not slippery in the hand so less likely to slip whilst spraying it. The nozzle that you depress to release the product is wider then most sunscreen bottles and it has ridges so it is very tactile – it also sprays upside down. These design features are great.

The bottle produces a fine mist which dispenses plenty of product. One squirt is more than enough for the face and neck.  A sheen is left of the skin which for the face I find a little too shiny (it is possible that I am using too much) so I tissue off any excess prior to setting out. On the body the sheen was fine – even on top of a body lotion or body cream. It does not stink or sting, does not irritate or dry the skin.  If your skin is wet from swimming or sweating, you will need to dry the skin before application.

It comes in a 140ml spray, but it would be great if it came in 50 ml version – handbag size, especially as this is a product that should be reapplied every few hours. For me – this is better for the body then the face because of the shininess but it held up well in the Caribbean and I would definitely use it again.


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