Event: Sisley Facial at Fenwicks

Fenwick Sisley Facial

Sometimes the hustle and bustle of Oxford street it too much for me, so when I am in need of some time in a department store, I often head to Fenwick.  In terms of beauty, it has the cult elements of Selfridges, the customer service of John Lewis and the accessibility of Debenhams and House of Fraser wrapped up in a level of calm that is only experienced in Oxford Street at 9:01 am on a weekday!

Fenwicks Sisley Facial

Sisley is a brand that I have known  for many years – the Nutritive Lip Balm is a product that I have repeat purchased…but I had never taken the plunge and really invested in their skincare.  I  thought that a facial would be a good way to start so I took myself to Fenwick one evening after work for a facial.  My therapist was  Maria – a very petite  woman with strong fingers and a firm handshake that I would come to appreciate later.

We had spoken on the phone earlier that week to confirm the time so when I arrived at the beauty counter a few minutes early she was ready for me and lead me straight to the beauty room.  Now then, having a facial in a department store is not for everyone.  If you want complete quiet, a mug of herbal tea before you lie down on the massage table, and somewhere to relax and contemplate life after the treatment – go to a salon!  The beauty room in Fenwick is a small but beautifully laid out room just past the threading bar and the Nars counter.  It is next to a staff room and opposite another therapy room.  You will hear the activity of the store, and the staff while you are in the room, and above the soothing sound of the spa type muzak that is played.  For me, this is not an issue.  I knew that this would be the case and I was prepared for it, but having also had salon / spa treatments, I know which I prefer – the salon of course.  Sometimes, it is just not possible to get to a salon or a facialist for a bespoke treatment and I believe that brand led facials have their place.   As I said, the room was laid out perfectly and I managed to sneak a few pictures on my phone whilst I was supposed to be taking off my top and lying down on the therapist table.

My therapist was brilliant.  She did not talk.  Outside of getting  information about how my skin was behaving and what if any specific products I  wanted used on my skin she did not talk.  She also did not do that irritating loud inhale/exhale thing that some therapists do.  She was silent.  It was bliss.  My session was an hour and she used lots of lovely products on my skin including…

  • Phyto-Blanc lightening  foaming cleanser
  •  Cleansing Milk with Sage
  • Lotion with Tropical Resins
  • Express Eye Contour Mask
  • Gentle Buffing Face Cream – if you have every used Decleor’s Phytopeel, this product will feel very familiar.
  • Creamy Mask With  Tropical Resins
  • Floral Mist
  • Supremÿa at night.  Yes, the one in the gold bottle that costs over £200!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sometimes when you have a department store facial, they ask for a deposit of £30 – £50 which is redeemable against the two products that you have to buy (one of which has to be skincare).  Sisley doesn’t ask for a deposit, you just have to buy a couple of products.  Since the price range for this brand is quite high, it  really makes sense to ensure that you are looking to purchase products and have done your homework as to what you might like as it can set you back a few bob.  When the time came to make the purchase, there was no pushiness from the therapist which I have experienced from other brands.  We spoke about the products that she has used on my skin and what she would recommend for me.  I bought the Radiant Glow Express Mask and the Express Flower Gel Mask. Fenwick had the full range of products and everything was in stock so there was no problem with purchasing what you wanted.  I was also given a generous amount of samples so look out for  more Sisley Reviews.

Immediately after the facial, my face was glowing, between the lovely products and the lymphatic drainage massage my skin really did look great.  I tried really hard not to put my hand on my face that evening but the  following  morning my face was really really smooth. My pores were not visible, and I looked refreshed. I was vigilant with my skincare for the week following my facial and the relaxed glow lasted about two days. I did have quite a bit of stress at work that week so that probably had something to do my glow not lasting longer,  but compared to other brand led department store facials that I have had, this facial was the most effective.

Are you a Sisley Fan?  What is your favourite product from the range?


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