Jasons Pure Natural Super C Toner

Vitamin C is renowned for it skin benefit properties and Jason is a range that I generally associate with bath and body products, so I was interested  to try this product to see how it worked.

On the bottle it states that it is the new and improved formulation and that it is a multi antioxidant defence and anti ageing mist.  I’m in need of a hard working toner and on paper this product fitted the bill.

This toner  has a strange smell.  Rationally, I know that Vitamin C does not smell like oranges or lemons. I know that the molecules responsible for the citrus scent is not the same as the ascorobic acid molecule…(benefits of a Biochemistry degree) however, I expected this product to smell like, oranges, or lemons, or bergamot, or grapefruit or a mixture of them.   Maybe because the product says Vitamin C which is found among other places in citrus fruit.  Maybe because of the orange in the design of the packaging (the toner is clear).  This this product smells like a cheap hair product.  It smells sweet, in a synthetic way. I don’t like the smell and it is not a smell that I associate with a paraben free, ‘good ingredients’ type range like Jasons.  In addition,  it is not a refreshing mist.  I don’t know why they describe is at an ‘anti-aging daily mist’  that gives the impression that you can spritz it during the day and that is not what this product is for.  The instructions tell you not to use it on the eyes and it is hard to mist the face and not mist your eyes!   It is a toner in the use after cleansing and before a serum sense of the word.

After nearly three months  I am not seeing any significant results. The results I am getting are not enough to make me want to buy it agagin – basically it does not wow me.  My skin did not get worse but I expected a multi anti oxidant defense product to do more for more skin.


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