Lemons or cheese – which do you prefer? Margaret Dabbs Intensive Treatment Foot Oil

The signature colour for the Margaret Dabbs brand is Royal Purple.  As a purple lover that is  reason enough for me to love this product.  But I felt it only fair to give it a proper road test.  Before I used it on my feet, I sprayed it on the back of my hand and was greeted with the most delicious, mouth watering lemon/citrus zingy zesty fragrance.  A great start!   I am quite partial to a lavender fragrance in foot products  (well done L’Occitane) but in terms of cutting a cheesy foot odour, I reckon lemon is a good one.  I am not suggesting that I have smelly feet, because of course, I don’t – ever (!!!) but a foot that smells lemony has to be better then one that smells cheesy!

This oil is quite thin in texture.  It  is effective at rendering dry cuticles back to moisturised and it does nourish with repeated use, leaving the skin with a sheen that is soon absorbed.  On Margaret Dabbs’ website it is recommended that this product be used once a week as an intensive treatment …. unless you have very dry skin.  So I have been using it daily.  Initially  during a week long  beach holiday so my feet were in sandals and salt water the whole time and latterly in black opaque tights and high-heeled boots.  It is great is sandals as you don’t find yourself sliding around in the footbed which is also a bonus.  I have found the best way to use this oil is in conjunction with my diamancel foot file.

For me, this is an everyday foot oil and I definitely prefer the scent of lemons to that of cheese!


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