Rub a dub scrub: Mandara Spa Island Paradise Intensive Body Scrub

I was introduced to this range about a week ago via Natalie from BeautyPulseLdn.  She told me… and later blogged that the venue for the third Keziah Connections networking evening was going to be held at the Mandara Spa and that they sold their products in Sainsbury’s.  I was intrigued.  Spa products, in my supermarket?  I generally bypass the beauty section apart from the cotton wool, so, I was very happy to see that Sainsbury’s were running a one third off promotion on Mandara  I decided to dip into the range with a body scrub.

The packaging for the range is quite striking.  Lots of decadent teals and purples and reds…. But the product that I chose, the Island Paradise Intensive Scrub comes in a clear tub with a gold lid with Balinese symbols.   The plastic tub is sturdy so if it falls in the bath or on the bathroom floor it wont break or crack any tiles.  For me the smaller white writing on the back of the tub was quite difficult to read against the light brown product… but I have just had my eyes tested!!

When I got the tub home, I stuck my nose in it and inhaled slowly.  I did like the smell but I was surprised at the subtlety of it.  It was not strong at all.  Going on to read the ingredients, I was very happy to see that  it is citrus based with grapefruit, orange and lemon, but it is one of the most subtle citrus fragrances I have ever smelt.  This is my kind of Island Paradise!  Heady florals have their place, but I am all for the citrus experience.  That said…it did not leave the bathroom, or my skin very fragranced after use.  I know that for some people , that is a bonus, but for me as a citrus lover, I felt a bit disappointed, as I really did like the smell and when you go to a Spa, the aromatherapy element, especially in a revitalising ritual is really important.

The consistency is like good Dijon mustard (and admittedly it looks a bit like it too).  It is thick but not stodgy which is great as it means that it holds it’s shape in your hand so in the shower it doesn’t run through the fingers and it is easy to work into the skin.  The exfoliating grains are visible to the eye but actually there are several  types in the product – olive stone, coconut shell powder and peach stone granules.  The benefit of this is that you get a more intensive scrub due to the different sized granules.  The packaging states that this product could be used daily, which for me would not be possible.  The granules are too abrasive for that, it is also suggested that it could be used on dry skin, which again I would not do.  This is definitely a once a week, put your phone on silent, light some candles and  take your time, scrub.

This scrub rinses off easily in the shower which is great if you are in a temporary or permanent state of hirsute-ness… is there anything worse than finding exfoliating scrub in your undies at the end of the day??  Although it is oil based, it is not an oily exfoliator.  The first time I used it, I did wait fifteen minutes before moisturising (the phone rang…)  I am very happy to report that my dry like a crocodile skin was nowhere near as parched as I expected.  I am not suggesting that you don’t moisturise after, because you should, nor am I suggesting that you wait fifteen minutes before you moisturise, because you definitely should not, but, the formulation is more moisturising then it appears thanks to the olive and sweet almond oils.

I like this product – a lot.  I really wish is came with a spatula though because putting damp hands into the tub repeatedly is not ideal.  Perhaps an inner lid in the product and have the spatula there… like you get in a tub of ice-cream at the cinema… just a thought!  Anyway, there is a hefty amount (35oml)of good product in the tub – the value is exceptional (especially with the Sainsbury’s promotion and/or nectar points!).  It exfoliated well, and it is paraben, foaming agent and mineral oil free.  It really goes to show how great accessible / mass market products can be – it is a really shame more brands  don’t do the same.  I’m already thinking that I need to get the Moisturising Bath Essence so that I can do the exfoliation followed by a long soak in the bath…

Have you indulged in the Mandara experience yet?


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