Film Review: Skyfall

My 50 word or less opinion on the film  with no spoilers.

This is a long film, but necessarily so as important relationships begin and end.  The plot is absorbing,  Bardem is a fantastic baddie, Harris absorbs and deflects Bond’s attention with dexterity,  Craig fights, drinks and pouts  and Dench’s  steely M is made to think on her sins.

  • Fred

    Bond delivered as expected. The film delivered on humour. It draws one into the past of the three main characters – Bond, M and the former British agent turned rogue played by Badem. One couldn’t help but feel sorry for Badem’s character although he was the baddie. The film was more about dealing with the consequences of past decisions which came back to haunt M in a big way. Bond also took his own personal journey in revisiting his own past. I guess the baddie (Badem) was trying to destroy the agency which created him. It was a good film.


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