Aromatherapy Associates Renew Rose Body Cream

Aromatherapy Associates Renew Rose Body Cream

It is not Libertys’ fault.  They did  not know that I am not a fan of rose scented products when they put my Ultimate Beauty Gift together!!   Which is a shame,  because Aromatherapy Associates are an established and well respected  brand which I have used and enjoyed before.   I expected this rose fragrance to be intense and authentic…which was going to be problematic for me as I am not a fan of rose scented products.

The transparent packaging means it is easy to see how much product is left and it also means that you can see the  lovely clotted cream colour of the product. For me, this  is more of a  lotion then cream – I was hoping it would be thicker,  but it is not super runny and it absorbs into the skin quickly.  This product contains my favourite ingredient,  shea butter as well as jojoba seed oil so it is rich…  and it did leave my skin smooth and moisturised… but  it just is  not rich enough for my skin and after about four hours my skin reverts to it’s scaly norm which is a shame so it has become another hand cream for me.

When you open the tube and put your nose to the lid, it definitely smells like rose.  When applied to the skin the product retains it’s rosy scent, but after a few minutes, the geranium , sandalwood, grapefruit and patchouli kick in and the rose gains some depth.  Aromatherapy Associates really do know how to blend so whilst it is rosy on the skin, it is not the intense hit that you receive from inhaling directly from the tube.  As the fragrance dies down, it is less rosy and there is something very familiar with it.  To me, it smells like Liz Earle’s botanical flowers body wash, which interestingly is also a damask rose citrus blend product which  contains sweet orange rather than grapefruit.   The fragrance lasts about 30 minutes on the skin and I found that it transferred to my clothes, which would have been fine if I was a bigger fan of the fragrance.  It is not as bad as I feared from the name, but it would not be my first choice of aromatherapy blend from this company and I will be sticking to their  Support and Relax bath and body oils


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