Elemental Herbology Perfect Clarity Blemish Minimiser

Have you ever had a week where you have been really good with your skincare regime, double cleansed every night, used a great cleanse tone serum moisturise routine in morning, done masks, drunk loads of water, only to wake on up a Friday morning with the most ginormous spot… in the middle of you cheek?  In fairness at that stage it was not a spot…. it was still under the skin but when I prodded it with my finger, the skin near it was really sensitive, and it hurt.

That happened to me recently and rather than head for a ‘teenage’ answer, I thought I would try Perfect Clarity by Elemental Herbology. The packaging did not scream spot cream, in fact, it screamed silver Touche Eclat to me… and I liked the idea of minimising the rather large pimple rather than attacking it head on with harsh chemicals.

When the cap is removed, there is a brush (again like Touch Eclat ) which  intrigued me. Why no squeezy tube or roller ball?  I was not expecting a  spot blemish product to have a brush, and the brush that it has is quite wide and softer then I would have thought – way bigger then the largest pustule you are likely to have.  I had to prime the tube by pressing the button on the end of the tube, well over a hundred time (yes I did count!) and  I was actually beginning to think that I had a dud product.  When the product did finally came out it was a white light thin lotion with a definite eucalyptus/lavender fragrance.  It is cooling on the skin and dries in twenty to thirty seconds.  I put it on after I cleansed and toned and then followed with my usual serum and moisturiser.  The instructions state that it  can be reapplied during the day so I carried it with me.  As the lotion is light when it is used over make up the impact on your complexion products is not huge.  Nothing that a dab of powder or touch of with concealer can’t deal with.  Personally I don’t use the brush directly onto my skin, as I wear complexion products most days so I don’t use the brush directly onto the skin.  I put the product onto the back on my hand and apply it with my finger.

The active ingredients are new to me,  organic acai and copaiba balsam are both anti inflammatories and andiroba oil reduces redness and swelling).  There is also salicylic acid in the product which helps to remove dead skin cells building up.  Like many black women, when I get a spot, it scars and this product was no different, but the depth of the pigmentation was not as deep as with other ‘teenage’ products and I found that the product did have a minimising effect on the spot.   I found that the under the skin spot was lost its sensitivity within about 24 hours and it took three days using it three to four times a day to minimise it.  I also had the opportunity to use it on a couple of white heads and found that they dried up within a day and again the pigmentation was not a deep as usual and I was not left with a patch of dry skin like some products can do.  I’m impressed with this product and it now lives in my make up bag rather than my bathroom cabinet, so that I can put a little dab on any pesky pimples as soon as they arrive.


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