HourGlass Mascara Film Noir Full Spectrum Mascara

Hourglass Film Noir Full Spectrum Mascara

In terms of makeup I generally focus on my eyes and mascara is an essential part of any make up look that I do.  For more than a decade I have been a devotee of Lancôme mascaras.  Definicils was the first ‘luxury’ make up item that I bought and I have been a mascara snob ever since.

When Hour Glass’ Film Noir Full Spectrum Mascara came into my possession as part of the Liberty’s Ultimate Beauty Gift I was a bit sceptical.  I first tried it on holiday in Turkey in September.  I applied to one eye and not the other to a make-up free face, and stared at myself in the mirror…. for several minutes.  I was not very impressed.  But then when I was back in the UK, I popped it into my make up bag and thought nothing of it… until I was running late for work one day and had enough time to put foundation on at home but needed to do eyeshadow and mascara on the tube.   Generally I am not a make-up on the tube kind of lady but sometimes, it just happens that way and so I used the mascara again, not thinking anything of it over a light wash of charcoal grey eyeshadow.… and to my surprise… my eyes popped.

I don’t know what happened between the my holiday and that tube journey but I am enjoying using this mascara.  It is black, but not the blackest black, but as I wear black spectacles and black eyeliner, it is fine for day. It is easy to apply and does not leave product on the lid.  The formula is not very wet which means that it dries quickly and there was a slight curling effect on the lashes.  The wand deposits quite alot of formula onto the lashes and I imagine as the product gets older that there will be a tendency to clump.  Overall, this is a welcome addition to my make up bag… but the fact that it needs a full face of make up for your lashes to make an impact, means that it wont tempt me away from Lancome.  And once the product is finished, and, the brush is cleaned, it is going to be perfect for grooming my unruly eyebrows!

What’s your favourite mascara?


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