Combating Winter Dry Skin: Saaf Organic Eraser Body Oil

I love a body oil – it really is the best way for me to deal with dry skin, especially in the winter, and when I say that this oil had mandarin essential oil in it I was hoping that it would be a citrusy delight.  This oil however smells like cod liver oil.  You, like me, may have visions of your mother coming towards you with a spoon the size of your head filled with a thick oil that hardly seemed to move in the spoon…  cod liver oil is good for you but the smell is not appetising.  This product takes me back there, BUT it did not put me off using this product.  What it has done is put this in the functional / essential group of products rather than the luxurious products for  me. The smell is much stronger in the bottle then on the skin and the cod liver oil fragrance goes after about ten minutes on the skin.

This product has great ingredients  Safflower Oil, Rosehip Seed Oil, Natural Vitamin E, Mandarin essential oil as well as being organic so I know it is doing my skin lots of good .  This eraser oil is said to aid the reduction of pigmentation and stretch marks.  I have been using it twice a day for the past 3 weeks and I have not seen a reduction in scaring but if I am honest, I did not expect it too.  I have stretch marks that are over twenty-five years old – I really doubt that anything topical could reduce them but my skin is definitely nourished and moisturised, and if I have any excess on my hands, I simply run it along the ends of my hair so none is wasted.

I love black packaging,  this box is lovely with the gold lettering which opens up to reveal a glass bottle with a black screw on lid so that spills are reduced as it can be screwed on quite tightly  The opening of the bottle is large enough to dispense the oil easily but not too large so that is spills all over your hands and the floor.

My skin is left with a sheen but not greasy and it is smooth to the touch after application.  My skin was also nourished after twelve hours in opaque tights and high heeled shoes.  A great product despite the dodgy smell.


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