Crowning Glory: Nexxus Aloe Rid Gentle Clarifying Shampoo

I have never relaxed my hair but I did have a curly perm (stop smirking!) for eighteen months in the mid nineties…and no, there are no photos to verify this fact. In those heady days of curl activator, I remember looking across the salon to the ladies who sported a straighter look and seeing them surrounded by Nexxus products…. fast forward twenty years and I am finally dipping my toes into this range.


I use a fair number of lotions and potions on my hair so this product is an important part of my every growing shampoo wardrobe.  Generally I do a my monthly hair routine, I do a first wash  with Nexxus Aloe Rid Gentle Clarifying Shampoo, and follow it with a moisturising shampoo.


The shampoo is a verdant green – like Fairy Liquid,  with a thick almost jelly like texture, but it does not lather like washing up liquid.  It does lather, but it will not produce a mountain of bubbles.  The fragrance can only be described as synthetic.  It is pleasant, but I definitely do not use this product for an olfactory experience.

This shampoo comes in a 400ml bottle which means that it lasts me ages.  I use this on the lengths of my locs  and clean my scalp with Tou Lou Organics Shampoo Bar.  This is mainly because this product has Sodium Laureth Sulphate in it.  It is an ingredient that I try to steer clear of but if I have had a product heavy week and the mixture of shea butter/coconut oil/jojoba oil/castor oil concoctions that I use on my hair is weighing it down, this shampoo cuts through the build up without leaving my hair feeling stripped.  It is far gentler then other clarifying shampoos that I have tried.




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