Combating Winter Dry Skin: Clarins Extra Firming Body Cream

Are there brands out there that you tend to walk past in the department store.  Clarins is that brand for me.  I don’t know why I walk past the counter, I don’t have a particular issue with the brand so I very happy to receive some Clarins from Santa.  Clearly Santa reads my blog and know about my crocodile skin as I received the extra firming body cream.


This product is a cream, not a lotion.  It takes a bit of effort to push it out of the tube.  It is luscious, thick and slightly pink in colour it is not a wet cream, by which I mean that the texture feels  like it is glycerine rather than water based.  It has slip so it is easy to massage into the skin  rather than being absorbed instantly and leaves the skin with a subtle sweet/floral fragrance.  Clarins describe the soft pink as a ‘bare skin colour’, clearly it is not the colour of my bare skin (is it so hard for companies to realise that they are marketing their products to a global market and not everyone is pink? sigh…) but once it is rubbed in, there is no colour left on the skin.


This product has a shea butter, hazelnut  and jojoba oil base but is not at all greasy.  Sadly, it does not leave any kind of sheen on the skin but it does leave the skin smooth to the touch.   The smell is pleasant and slightly sweet, but it is hard to discern the individual notes.

Despite the Lemon Thyme for skin firmness and elasticity, Oats for tightening and Boca, (an ingredient that I have not heard of before but which allegedly helps with collagen), for me, this did not have a firming action at all.  That said, firming is not my priority in a body cream, I am seeking a way to combat the crocodile skin.

As a moisturiser, I have to say I was pretty impressed.  In the opaque tight test, it lasted six hours before the dryness started to creep back.  Consequently I used it before heading out socially rather than for the Monday to Friday nine to five.

I liked this cream, but I did not really love it, that said, I will be investigating what else Clarins has to offer during the course of this year.

If you are a Clarins fan, it would be great to hear your recommendations!




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