Pucker Up: Bodyshop Lip Scuff

Bodyshop Lip Scuff

Welcome to February – hopefully the snow is behind us and we can look forward with enthusiasm to longer days, wearing less layers and spring no longer seems like a distant promise.

For February, I will be focusing on lips, because I have a short window of opportunity between the flu/colds  of November and December and then the hayfever season which strikes from March onwards.  Oh, and Valentine’s Day is round the corner.


So we start with some lip preparation Body Shop’s Lip Scuff.   Right off the bat, I really don’t like the name.  I am not trying to create  ‘scuffed’  lips.  I really think the name does not reflect the product or the packaging.  The presentation of this product is quite slick.  The the silver effect lid, whilst picking up finger prints very very quickly.


Once the lid is off the light pistachio coloured product, flecked with fig stone granules is revealed.  The fragrance is peppermint, but not super sweet or overwhelming.  On first use, the product feels more moisturising then exfoliating, but after a few goes over the lips the scrub element comes to the surface.  Using this product I found that my top lip need far less attention then my bottom lip.  My prefered way to use it is to apply to the lips from the bullet and then gently work the product into the lips with my index finger.  As with all manual exfoliators there is a need to be gentle with the product and not to rub too hard.  I then remove it either with a micellar water or a warm flannel.  Easy.


The marula oil in the product makes it very moisturising.  The peppermint in the product does make the lips tingle which is my least favourite part of the product and this stops shortly after it is removed.  Most importantly, it leaves the lips smoother (not scuffed)  For me this exfoliator is as harsh as it needs to be for the lips which are pretty delicate.  I have been using it weekly as part of my mask routine and following it with lashing of lip balm or shea butter and lip colour does apply more evenly after use.

Do you use a lip scrub?  If you do, which is your favourite?


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