Pucker up: Chantecaille Luminous Gloss – Lychee

This easy to wear lip gloss is another gem from Liberty’s Ultimate Beauty Gift.


The formulation of this is at the thicker end of lip glosses, which I like – it is not sticky or highly perfumed.  The hoof applicator is flexible, not fixed which means that you can swipe back and forth on the lips which is a great additional feature.


The pink colour that you see in the tube does not translate to my lips unless it is applied in a REALLY thick layer, and when applied thickly (see swatch below) the luminous (slighty  blue) element of the colour can be seen.


The sheen from this gloss is very high and the shimmer seen in the tube does not translate to my lips either, that said, I really like how moisturising it is and subject to not drinking tea or eating I get a solid three hours of high sheen wear before needing to reapply – not the six hours the Chantecaille claim, but good going in the world of lipgloss!


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