Pucker Up: Lush Popcorn Limited Edition Lip Exfoliator

Lush Lip Exfoliator

So, we are in the final countdown for Valentine’s Day.  On Thursday I will reveal my current lipstick obsession, but today, it is another preparatory product.  Lush’s Popcorn Lip Exfoliator.  I have had this product for a while, and truth be told I was in a department store looking for a lip exfoliator and not finding one.  Three assistants from ‘high end’ concessions told me to head to Lush.


Lush is not a store that I visit regularly as I find the smell that emanates from the store to be overwhelming.  Thankfully there is a small outlet at Victoria station which is far less busy than larger stores and as a result not such an overwhelming smell. I was tempted to buy online, but as I know that Lush products are highly fragranced I felt it would be appropriate to get an idea of the smell in the flesh.  There are three options.  Bubblegum which is bright pink and which in terms of fragrance could only be described as strong and sickly sweet.  Mint chocolate.  Sigh, another overload of my senses and Popcorn.  As an avid film watcher, I am someone that eats a huge amount of popcorn.  the product has a slight buttery scent and although it is not my prefered scent for a lip product.  The Popcorn version is a limited edition.


Lush’s sugar exfoliator is made of six ingredients – castor sugar, jojoba oil, sea salt, polenta, coconut oil, popping candy flavour.  When you open the lid, the buttery smell is there but for me what not as overwhelming as the other two options.  When you look at the product, you cannot tell the polenta and the sea salt from the sugar – the grains are all homogenous in look and texture.    I found that I needed to store the product upside down for a few minutes before I used it because there is not enough jojoba and coconut oil in the jar, so when you use it, it is all exfoliant and no oil so it is a little rough on the lips.  Once you get the mixture right, it is an effective exfoliator.  The product is made in small batches by hand, and the life of the product is eight weeks.1-035

What did concern me however was the instruction.  LUSH instruct that after you have scrubbed your lips to softness that you should:-

 ‘ lick off the excess and then apply your favourite lip balm’

REALLY??  No seriously REALLY?  You want me to lick off and ingest the castor sugar, sea salt, polenta, coconut oil, jojoba oil, popcorn flavour and DEAD SKIN CELLS that I have just scrubbed off my lips?  REALLY?  Is it just me or is that just… just… madness.  Why am I being instructed to eat not only my skincare, but my skin too?  Ok.  Wait, so I know that if you are prone to nibbling the flaky dead skin on your lips, you are likely to eat it. And I know that it is common for woman to ingest their lip products, it is just what happens when you wear a lip product, and I know that the lip scrub in the amount that you use, is not likely to cause me any damage, but I just find it strange that LUSH is instructing me to ‘lick off’ the excess.


Anyway, I do not do that, I remove the scrub with warm water and then apply a balm.  My lips are softer for the rest of the evening but the following morning are a little dry.  I suspect that was to do with the lack of jojoba and coconut oil, so when I use it, I have apply a lip balm or a small amount of jojoba oil to the lips first, and then the scrub and it has worked better leaving my lips more moisturised the next day.

Have you used LUSH’s lip scrub?  Do you ‘lick off’ the excess??


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