Pucker Up: Revlon Red

Revlon Red

1-050I love the simplicity of the name of this product.


Red.  It says it all.  I love this colour and the truth is that I was searching for it after having purchased the amazing but high maintenance Ruby Woo.  I wanted a more contemporary (at least that is how I think of it) more moisturing, bluer red. I was looking for Revlon Red and I’m really glad that I found it.


The moisturising formula means that it does not demand the same rigorous application of Ruby Woo.  It comes up slightly lighter on my bottom lip then my top lip so I apply a liner around the edge of my top lip and fill in my bottom lip completely… and not especially carefully.  Then I just slap on the colour straight from the bullet.  That’s it.  Blotting with a tissue and reapplicaton helps longevity but is not mandatory.  This is the red what I wear to work as it is so easy to touch up.


I also find that I can go a bit heavier/smokier on the eyes with this colour, because it is easier to manipulate. It is a more versatile red in that respect and it also does not demand such a flawless base.  If you are looking to get into red lipstick,  this is a great option.  The moisturising formulation means that you can apply with a light or heavy hand and you can go to town with  a gloss over the top for more of a 3D effect.


Great colour, great formula and a great option for Valentines Day’s if you are looking for an easy to maintain red.





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