Dermologica Hydro Active Mineral Salts

On Friday after work I fell over in the street. I was tired, my bag was heavy and  I was not looking where I placed my feet.  I tripped over a loose paving stone and like a toddler who has recently learnt to walk, I went flying and ended up prostrate on the cold, wet pavement.  I had the good sense to drop my handbag so that I could protect my face  with my hands on landing.  My Wolford tights and knee high boots saved my legs from grazes but I am a bit bruised.  As a result of protecting my face from the pavement, the full force of my many stones in weight was taken by my arms and shoulders.  This weekend, my muscles  (especially my triceps) have let me know in no uncertain terms  that they are not happy.


When I got home after my trip (geddit!), I soaked in the bath with L’Occitane’s Almond Oil.  It is a favourite shower/bath product of mine and I had a nice bath… but it did not help my sore my muscles.  When I tried to get out of bed on Saturday morning my arms and shoulders were screeching,  Getting out of bed without using your arms and shoulders is not as easy as it sounds, but once I had done so,  I dug in the bathroom for a product to ease my muscles.  It was a while before I remembered that I had some Hydro Active Mineral Salts.  In fact, they are one of the first products I blogged about here.  I tend to save them for post gym session baths.  The fact that there were at the back of the bathroom cabinet is an indication of how recently I have been to the gym… but anyway….

Dermologica state that these salts can be used for an exfoliator, and this is how the therapist that I purchased them from advised me to use them – to deal with ingrown hairs. I find it to be far too abrasive for that, so I  just use it in the bath and soak…. until the water cools down.


The mineral salts are the same colour at soft brown sugar and the size of crystals varies.  They melt very quickly in warm water.  I have to say that it is not the most exciting bathtime.  There are no bubbles, no change in colour of the water, no  oil on water emulsion to look at.  The crystals are infused with lemon, tea tree, sandalwood orange and lavender essential oils.  On paper this is a lovely blend, in the bath, it is very difficult to discern individual elements of the blend.  There is a slight spa sense to the smell and a camphorous element without the floral element of lavender.  It is a great blend for a muscle relaxant as it is not overstimulating, but not so relaxing that you want to stay in the bath indefinitely.  For me this is a utilitarian bath product.  This is not a candles and glass of wine bath product – I have other products for that, but these salts,  in conjunction with some ibuprofen has stopped my muscles screaming at me in the morning.

Dermalogica claim that this product will make your skin softer.  That is not the case for me, but if I have over done it at the gym, or if I ever fall over in the street again, I will pull this product out from the back of my bathroom cabinet again.



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