Daniel Sandler Long Lasting Waterproof Eyeliner – Green Velvet

About five years ago, I did some testing for The Beauty Bible.  One of the colour products that I was provided with was a Daniel Sandler Water Colour Fluid blush.  I don’t remember what the colour was called, but I do remember very very vividly that the colour was atrocious on my skin.   I did contact the Beauty Bible at the time but was advised that they did not have a more appropriate colour and I should review what I had.  It is really hard to constructively review a colour product when the colour is terrible on you and it further frustrated me that cosmetic companies have no interest catering for black women.  As a result I stopped volunteering to review products for the Beauty Bible and I did not consider Daniel Sandler make up again.


Until now – Daniel Sandler’s Long Lasting Waterproof Eyeliner in Green Velvet was part of the goody bag at the Keziah Connections networking event last week. I was interested to see how the range had developed since it had last crossed my radar.  I am really encouraged to see that specialist brands like Daniel Sandler are providing complexion shades for  women of colour.  There are brands launching in 2013 ( eg B from Superdrug) without any complexion products that me, my mum, my sisters, my step daughter or many of my friends can use.  It is  2013 – we have money and we like make up too.  It does not make sense to  completely ignore us, but I will save that rant for another day.


Back to the  eyeliner – well the colour is a GORGEOUS. A deep green that registers green and not just ‘dark’ on the skin.  A colour that will compliment the skin tones of all of the beautiful women that attended the event.  This product does what it says on the packaging.  It is long-lasting and waterproof.   The first time I wore it, I used it on my water line with lashings of mascara and a brown eye shadow.  My eyes popped – even with my face furniture (specs).  I applied at 7.30 in the morning and it was still there when I removed it thirteen hours later.

Day two – I decided to do a flick on the mobile lid, again with a neutral shadow.  Again, it was on for thirteen hours and it stayed put.  ALL DAY.  The colour did not crack or tighten on the skin.  I have to say, that for use on the mobile lid, it is not the softest pencil.  It is not as hard as a kohl pencil and it is not painful to use but this is not an eyeshadow pencil.

Day three -I used the colour on the whole lid with some with J’ouvert Drama Lash – yes it was a work day.  The colour did not crease and it is quite a good option if your lids are getting a bit crepey as mine are.  I like the fact that this colour is green and not teal . It is highly pigmented, which means that it can be used in a variety of ways.   If you are looking to smudge it out there is a window of about ten seconds once it has been applied.  No sharpener is required, the nib screws up out of the pencil.  I will stick to using it on my waterline but I appreciate the versatility.  I’ve been looking at the range – it is great that sample sizes are available so I will be dipping into this range’s complexion products very soon.

Are you a fan of Daniel Sandler products?  Do you have any product recommendations for me?


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