Avene Lotion Micellaire

I have been using Bioderma Crealine H2O Lotion to remove my make up  for over three years.  I mainly buy it from Guru Makeup Emporium but fortunately over the last twelve months,  the number of UK stockists that hold this product has grown which is great.  It means that the market for cleansing waters has too.  The first micellaire water that I ever used was Decleor  Cleansing Water, which I loved… until I discovered Bioderma.  I love beauty products though so I am never averse to trying something new and when my last five hundred ml bottle of Bioderma finished, I thought would be a good opportunity to try a different brand.  Avene like Bioderma is a French pharmacy brand however not all micellaires are created equally.


I use a micellaire to remove my make up before cleansing in the evening.  My normal make up removal  routine is  – one Bioderma soaked cotton pad for each eye.  One to two soaked cotton pads  for the rest of the face.  My current routine with Avene Lotion Micellaire is – two soaked cotton pads for each eye (followed by a cotton bud dipped in the micellaire to go over the lashes), and three to four soaked cotton pads for the rest of the face.  That’s a lot of cotton wool!


I  also know that it is not as effective as I would want it to be as I am getting through it at the speed of light. Five hundred ml of Bioderma lasts me months.  Two hundred mls of Avene’s Cleansing Water is not likely to last me a month.   There is a slightly sweet slightly astringent smell to the product and I really like the subtle white and coral packaging.

If I had not used the Decleor and Bioderma Micellaires prior to trying Avene’s version, I might have been impressed with it, but I have to say that both the aforementioned products are more effective than the Avene.


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