Lulu’s Time Bomb: Trouble Shooter

Lulu Trouble Shooter

I don’t have a long neck.  I wish I did as it would make wearing polo necks a reality rather than a fantasy but I digress…


I think that my neck is pretty well looked after – I take face serums and moisturisers down to my collar bone and body products up to just below the chin, but the neck, like the hands and the eyes is an area which has less sebaceous glands and is therefore prone to be drier.    For the past month I have been using Lulu’s Trouble Shooter neck cream from my chin to under my bust.  I am not worried about wrinkles in this area, but sagging will be part of my future so I am keen to incorporate firming products  (which this claims to be) into my routine.


It has been really difficult to stop my usual routine of taking face products down my neck and body products up my neck during this time.  It is funny how beauty routines become ingrained.  I had to put this cream on before my face products to ensure that it was the first product on my neck.


The packaging is great – the silver ball does not look like a neck cream and sits nicely in my predominantly white bathroom.  I have to say, the shape does not make it the easiest item to open but I do like it.  It is full of nourishing ingredients including olive oil, shea butter, lavender oil, sunflower seed oil, aloe vera beeswax and hyaluronic acid.  The lavender fragrance is gentle and the texture of the cream is almost gel like texture (similar to Elemis Pro Collagen Marine Cream).

Unfortunately I didn’t see a firming result on my skin, in fact I got a spot on my decollete while using it.  It was small and went quickly but I did not get spots with my previous routine.  I did enjoy using the product but for now, I have concluded that my neck, chest and bust are served sufficiently well by my current routine.


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