Premae Awaken Anatomy Body Wash and Body Balm

I have a very good friend Maureen, that suffers from both psoriasis and exzema and as I have very dry skin I am always on the look out for products that will leave my skin nourished and moisturised all day… so when I came across the Premae Range… and saw that there was a two for one offer on the leaflet I decided to ask Maureen to trial it with me so that we could compare results.  Premae is an allergen free vegan approved skincare range.  The packing aluminium which can be recycled and refills can be bought for their products.


I bought the Awaken Anatomy Body Wash which is labelled as number four and the Awaken Anatomy Body Balm which is labelled number five.  The numbers refer to the level of dryness/how problematic the skin is.  The higher the number, the more problematic the skin.


My friend and I both had an issue with the pump of the body wash – mine was too long for the bottle which meant that there was a kink in the tube which affected the pump action and thus me getting to the product. My friend broke her pump.  It was not a good first impression for either of us.  I cut the plastic tubing so that it would fit and my friend used hers without the pump, but we persevered and ended up loving the body wash. We liked the aluminium containers and the fact that the product was not super foaming so it did not leave you bathed it bubbles and we both appreciated the gentle fragrance.  It is a coconut based formula but it is not super coconutty to the nose, there is a slightly acidic but not acrid smell which is not at all unpleasant and quite difficult to describe.  We also loved the fact that it left the skin moisturised and not at all irritated.


The body balm to my mind is not a balm, but a butter – it sets hard at room temperature, which means that you really have to work it into the skin, or that you need to melt it before using it on the skin.  If your skin is delicate, sore, problematic or in the middle of a flare up, working a product into the skin is really the last thing that you want to do.  For me with very dry skin it was not so much of an issue – it passed the eight hour opaque tight test with flying colours but my Maureen remarked at the time that she would need to wait until her skin calmed down before she used it.  Again there was a slight issue with the packaging, her tin did not have the ingredients listed on it – and if I had not had the ingredients on my tin she would not have used the product at all.  Maureen is vigilant with what ingredients she puts on her skin.  My tin at the lid from range three and the base from range five.  These are small things but when dealing with people with skin issues they are especially important as they need to know exactly what is in the products that they are using.


One of the  things that we both picked up on was the language on the packaging.  The Safflower oil in the body wash  was described as invigorating, and both items are from the Awaken range.  When you have very problematic skin, the last thing that you want to do is to ‘awaken’ it.  Rather you would want to soothe it and calm it.  Awaken makes you think about stimulation, which leads to irritation and for my friend, that is often painful… which is absolutely the last thing Maureen would want to do.

Both Maureen and I were impressed with the body wash, and used it all.  Maureen passed her body balm to me, and I have used both tubs.  Personally I would love to see a looser texture for the body balm the packing issues resolved a move away from ‘awaken’ and more information about the ingredients supplied with the products – a leaflet or postcard would be really helpful.  There is a need for allergen free products in the market and I feel that there is great potential in the range so I look forward to seeing it grow and develop.

  • Do love the attention to detail in your reviews! Those little things can be such a turn off. Had recently heard about the range – hope they can tweak products accordingly.

    • Jo

      Hi Lynda, I have had some feedback from Clare at Premae and the Body Balm has now been discontinued and replaced with a body oil. It is great that they are listening to feedback.

  • Already have! Check out Premae’s all new Bath & Body Ranges! We listen to our customers, and for a brand which has been around for 15months, we are still loving learning and improving with excellence at our core. Our Award wins exemplify this. Check out our New bodycare in this weeks Body Fit Magazine, May issue sold this friday WHSmith nationa wide circ. 250k x

    • Jo

      Hi Clare
      It is great that you are responding so quickly to customer feedback. I look forward to watching your brand grow.




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