Tools of the Trade: Diamancel Foot Buffer (11)

Diamancel Foot Buffer (11)

Are you beginning to think about sandals?  No? Me either, the weather still  requires closed toe footwear, however, I have upped my foot buffing sessions from once a fortnightly to once a week in readiness.


The Diamancel Foot Buffer has been in my bathroom for about six years.  I first heard about it through either InStyle or Harpers annual beauty awards – I can’t remember which, but I do remember that at the time this buffer was about thirty pounds which was WAY more than I had ever considered paying for a foot buffer.  It now retails for about forty pounds so I may have had it for longer than six years.

Prior to this buffer, I would use a pumice stone, which was not very effective, or I would use a foot buffer that was extremely flimsy, and not very effective or I would use a product that QVC used to sell called Pedikur, which was a solution that you put on the sole of the foot which melted off the hard skin.  This was effective but it was a faff to use.


The Diamencel foot buffer is like no other foot buffer.  The industrial diamonds buff the foot to a level of smoothness that no emery board based buffer could ever achieve and in half the time of  a pumice stone. The oval shape buffer has the clusters of diamonds close to the perimeter so you can buff all the nooks and crannies near your toes. The softer plastic of the handle makes it comfortable to hold and possible to buff vertically and horizontally and all angles in between.

There is no technique – you rub the buffer over the sole of the foot / corns / callouses, paying special attention to the ball of the foot, if like me you are in heels alot, or the heels if that is your problem area.  The Diamancel reduces your dry skin to a fine dust.  And with regular use, this routine is brought down to a couple of minutes per foot.  The number 11 is more abrasive then the 10 but I find that is leaves my feet smooth.  The buffer is also easy to clean, yes, it can be cleaned.  Soapy water and a soft brush.  This buffer is really worth the investment and a great way to start any pedicure.


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