Kai by Gaye Straza Deodorant

Kai by Gaye Straza

I am going to talk about deodorant.  In quite alot of detail.  There will be no pictures of my armpit but if you don’t want to hear about sweat, hair and scratching, this is not a post for you.

The search for a deodorant is not a straightforward as you would think.  Do you choose a spray, roll on, stick, an antiperspirants, a deodorant, are you lead by smell or efficacy.  For me the decision is slightly more fraught as I am a person whose armpits are irritated by aluminium in deodorants.


So, my curiosity was piqued by Kai deodorant on a trip to Liberty’s beauty department in January this year as among the lotions and potions was Kai by Gaye Straza’s deodorant. I generally look for deodorants rather than anti perspirants.  I am a woman that sweats rather than glows.  Sweating is a natural function of the body so I am not trying to block that process, I just don’t want to smell ahem… funky when I do sweat.

The packaging is very simple.   I like the fact that it does not scream deodorant in your bathroom.  The container is big – there is loads of product in it. I like the large size,  (a little under two inches in diameter) but more importantly I like the fact that it is round.  It much more ergonomic, and more importantly it reflects the shape of an armpit.  I don’t know why companies make stick deodorants in oblong shapes but they need to stop.  The advantage of having a big circumference of product is that even my large armpit only needs two swipes to cover it completely and because it is round not oblong, you can swipe in any direction and get full coverage.  The product starts with a flattened top but as you use it, it forms a dome top.


It does not have a name on it like cool blue (what does that smell like?) or cotton fresh, it is just called Kai.  It is a stick formula BUT it is not super soft so if you are having a few hirsuite days, between your regular shave/wax routine, it does not mess up the surface of the deodarant and it does not drag.  Over hair or skin it glides beautifully.

I generally steer clear of ‘eco’ deodorants since my disastrous experience with the ‘rock crystal’ that you dampen and then use.  On me it was a complete waste of time. Aluminium free is the only other pre-requisite for me in a deodorant but I appreciate the fact that this product is paraben, phthalate, phosphate and sulphate free.  I use this product every day and have not experienced any irritation. I have used it directly after shaving and within twelve hours of waxing and it has been fine.  I have been in stressful situations at work over the past three months and found that my armpits remained itch free.


I wear a lot of black clothes and it does not leave a white stain on them which is also really important.  It goes onto the skin clear so even in sleeveless clothes it does not register.  it is not tacky on the skin after application so you are not aware that you have put it on and unlike roll ons there is no need to wait for it to dry.  you just put it on and go.

The benefit of not having a highly fragranced deodorant is that it does not clash with your fragrance.  The fragrance is not ‘cool blue’  or ‘laundry fresh’, it is Kai’s signature fragrance, which, Kai describe as gardenia wrapped in white exotics. It is actually gardenia blended with white musk, lily, jasmine.  To my nose, it is not a defined at this – perhaps the other products in the range have a stronger scent.

If you are looking for a product to stop you sweating – this isn’t it, but if you are looking for a way to stay fragrant without being irritated, it is definitely worth a try.





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