Tou Lou Organics Ginger and Bergamot Body Wash

I am officially a fan of Tou Lou Organics hair products, so I had high expectations of the body products.  Normally I have two or three body washes in the shower as I like the variety, but I have used this product exclusively for the past three weeks.

The Ginger and Bergamot body wash is lovely.  This is quite a thin gel formulation – not a bad thing,  just an observation.  It does foam, so if you like bubbles, a body mop will help  to maximise those, but I generally use it directly onto the skin.   It cleanses the body without stripping thanks to the coconut oil base, and does not leave the skin taut when you leave the shower.


I am enjoying the ginger bergamot blend but I do wish the fragrance packed a bigger punch.  I don’t know if it is the cardamom in the blend, but my nose does not get a predominantly warming spicy ginger note.  It does leave the skin and the bathroom very delicately scented but as a fan of both ginger and citrus a stronger scent would have been appreciated.  The fragrance is unisex so I have begrudgingly shared this with my mister, who has been loving it… a little bit too much to be honest. His showers have definitely taken a bit longer!!  As with the whole range, there are no sulphates, mineral oil, or nasties in the wash, just lots of lovely high quality skin loving organic  and naturally sourced ingredients.  I’ll be trying the Citrus Breeze body wash next… unless I can persuade Andrea (the brand founder) to make an ‘intense’ version of the Ginger and Bergamot  body wash just for me!!






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