Lovea Bio L’Argan Healing Butter

Lovea Bio L'Argan Healing Butter

The Argan Oil craze does not look like it is going anywhere, anytime soon so I was interested to see what French brand Lovea’s offering would be.


I love a body butter… if it is the right texture and this one is.  Imagine but that has been out of the fridge long enough to be used without needing brute force.  This butter is slightly softer then that, which means that using it during cooler days dn warmer days it was not rock solid.  No need to put it on the radiator to soften while you have a shower this product can be used straight from the tub. It is packed full of nourishing ingredients including; Moroccan Argan Oil, Beeswax, Sunflower Seed Oil, Argan oil and it is Eco Cert Biologique accredited which means

‘A minimum of 95% of all plant-based ingredients in the formula and a minimum of 10% of all ingredients by weight must come from organic farming’


The Argan oil in the formula is organic and comes from Morocco… but only 5% of the mixture is Argan oil.  It is mainly sunflower oil and beeswax.  The packaging is lovely.  Very very similar to L’Occitanes 100% shea butter packaging.  A round flat metal recyclable tin with a shoe polish type opener.  I like the packaging.  It is pretty secure for travelling and the opener is quite robust so it is not too difficult to open it.


The butter has a very slight nutty fragrance, which is not strong at all on the skin and does not impede fragrance layering. It leaves a beautiful sheen on the skin and if you skin is dry like mine, you will find that it is absorbed quickly.  Surprisingly, this did not pass the eight hour opaque tights test… six hours were the limit before I started to see some (not a huge amount of dry skin on my legs.  This is probably because there is a bit of water in the mixture.  A 100% sunflower, Argan and beeswax mixture would keep my skin moisturised for more than eight hours.  Despite my slight disappointment at the inclusion of water in the mix, I like this product.  It is the perfect butter for spring as it is not as heavy as other body butters.  It is also great for home mani’s and pedi’s.  A great cuticle oil but also as an extra layer of moisture for hands and feet before putting on cotton gloves or socks.


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