Caudalie Zest de Vigne

Caudalie Zest de Vigne

Spring has finally spring, so I  have finally changed from one hundred denier to forty denier tights and I have brought out my spring summer fragrance.  The one that I can spray liberally during the day, the one to freshen up with and cut the heat and humidity of the office, the bus and the tube.


The outer packaging is cardboard brown with cutouts revealing a sunshine yellow background.  It is interesting but not beautiful.  The bottle however is lovely.  A bunch of grapes is embossed on the bottle and the colour of the fragrance intensifies down the length of the bottle.


This is a triple citrus hit, Bergamot, Sweet Lemon and Pettigrain which brings intensity and a little headiness to the sharpness. It also have pretty good longevity for an ‘eau fraiche’ on me it lasts approximately four hours which means that I get to freshen up at lunchtime and on the way home. the quality of the blend means that you don’t need to over spray.  sticking to pulse points rather than spraying all over gives cocoons you in fragrance. The initial Bergamot and Sweet Lemon dry down through the heavier Pettigrain to a slightly woody base.  This fragrance is from the nose which brought us amongst other things, Le Parfum for Ellis Saab, Iris Nobile for Acqua de Parma and Ma Dame for John Paul Gautier.  It smells much more like a citrus orchard then a vineyard but it expertly blended.1-3

If you are looking for a light but not weak scent to add to your fragrance wardrobe this is a great option.


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