Bare Minerals Tinted Touch Up Veil

Tinted Touch Up Veil

Tinted Touch Up Veil 2

I have a love hate relationship with Bare Minerals, I used to love them and used them for years, buying bumper packs from QVC on a regular basis.  Then I began to notice that during their Global Beauty days and the like, the collection of products did not include all the available shades – specifically, the deeper shades were missing.  After contacting both QVC and Bare Minerals about this and getting an unsatisfactory  response my love of the brand faded.

Tinted Touch Up Veil 3

Despite recently purchasing the Inglot mattifying powder, I need a powder to carry around with me during the day for my touch ups… and had seen lots of positive reviews about Bare Minerals Ready Collection, so I decided to give it a go.

Tinted Touch Up Veil 4

Tinted Touch Up Veil

The packaging for the ready collection is very different from the original range.  Much more Nars esque which kind of makes it feel like a different range, however the packaging is not the easiest to open.  In addition, this is called Touch Up Veil whereas in the original formulation it is Mineral Veil.

It comes with a puff not a brush, but I prefer to use it with a brush.  No need for swirl tap buff cos this is the Ready Collection so I just apply it with a synthetic brush focused over my t-zone and head out.

Tinted Touch Up Veil 5

The veil has a slight ‘powdery’ fragrance.  The powder is very fine as I would expect.  I does mattify – no doubt about that, but the colour is not close to my skin tone. It does settle down after about 30 seconds but if Bare Minerals can make a foundation in my shade, surely they can make a veil product in a darker tone. I use it mainly in the centre of my face,  under the eyes, over the nose and down to the chin which are areas that I would highlight generallyI find that it does absorb and stop foundation transfer BUT I don’t understand why it is called touch up veil rather than mineral veil and more to the point – why don’t they make it in a darker shade?

There is plenty of product and it will last for a long time.  I love the portability and the fact that I can get it on the high Street (Boots).



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