Sixty Seconds with…Luxsit Organic Skincare

Luxsit Skincare

1-LuxsitThis is a Swedish brand that I discovered at the Organic and Natural Beauty Show.  I received  a couple of samples which I used over the weekend and I am impressed.

Caring Facial Wash – This is a light white lotion which I found was not the best at removing make up.  It could be used as a second cleanse but I think it would be best as a morning cleanser.  It is not a foaming cleanser, and it can be removed with water or a flannel or taken off with cotton wool.


Caring Balance Facial Cream – The first time I used it was at night …and I got my sachets mixed up. I used it to cleanse my face, instead of the facial wash and it did a BRILLIANT JOB.  So good that I double cleansed with it.  If a cleansing balm is a step too far for you – please consider this, it emulsified my make up with ease, and left my skin clean and hydrated.

1-Sample 4

That said – it is also a lovely moisturiser. I applied too much first time I used it.  It is a  cream coloured cream with a slightly herbal fragrance.  I found it to be rich but not heavy but my skin is dehydrated.  It might be to heavy if you are prone to oiliness.  I don’t have sensitive skin at the moment but I found it very soothing.  It has great ingredients, milk thistle, argan oil, glycerine, shea butter,  it was good in the day time, but came into its own at night.  I really love the black packaging. It is a real point of difference in the Natural Organic realm, which tends to be white or green.  Even my samples were given to me in a very snazzy black envelope – it is very urban chic!

When I spoke to the brand ambassadors at the Organic and Natural Beauty Show they said that they were looking for UK distributors.  I hope that they find one soon as I would love to try more of the range.


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