Sixty Seconds With …Pixi Eye Bright Primer

Pixi Eye Bright Primer

I always use a base on my eyelids before applying shadow, be it a cream foundation, an eyeshadow pencil or primer.  My sample of the Pixi Eye Bright Primer has a large sponge applicator and the first thing I discovered was not to apply it directly to my lid from the applicator.

1-Pixi Eye Bright Primer

It deposits way too much and you end up with greasy eye lids about four hours later.  So when using this product I  do my best impression of a  make up artist  and apply it to the back of my hand and then onto the lid with my ring finger.  Much better.  Eyeshadows stayed for twelve hours plus, without creasing but the intensity of the colour did fade towards the end of the day.  The texture of the primer is very smooth and quite thin, almost like a paste.  It dried quite quickly which meant that there was not a lot of time to work it into the lid.  It is a beige colour so rather then neutralising my eyelids, it gave my eyelids a beige base from which to work from.  As I applied a think layer, I don’t think that it intensified the colour of the shadows that I used, but it did help with longevity.



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