Batting my lashes: Benefit They’re Real

Benefit They're Real

This was another magazine freebie, with the June edition of Elle magazine.  I bought it just when my full-sized mascara had run out so despite the size being more suited to my make up bag that I carry around with me, I have been using it as my main mascara for the past few weeks.  It is a 4.0g size rather than the 8.5 grams of the full size and as a result the length of the wand is short.  Very short and which is problematic for me.  The brush end of the wand I would suggest is the same size as the full size but the wand is way shorter which means that you are basically having your hand right against your face when you apply it. As with any lever, the closer you are to the fulcrum, the harder you have to work.

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The other thing about the brush is that the bristles are REALLY sharp and pointy.  I have always applied my mascara from root to tip and each time I do, the brush pricks the root of my lashes … and I don’t like it.  Mascara wands should not be that sharp and it means that even though applying mascara without a mirror is something that I do regularly, I can’t with They’re Real I really need to ensure that I am not getting to close to the root of my lashes.

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That said, the colour is a true black, which is a must for me.  In addition,  I do like the effect on the lashes.  It does lengthen, although there is not much curl but my lashes look much longer which is great.  The other issue I have is that it makes the lashes much harder then other recent formulations and my lashes are making that irritating click click sound against the lenses of my spectacles.  If the formula was more flexible/softer, that would not happen.  As a result of the I find that the second coat is best applied with the first coat is still wet or it does clump a bit and it is necessary  to have a lash comb at hand to sort it out.

I have really mixed feelings about this mascara. I hate the brush, and I don’t really like the packaging (it is not sleek enough for my taste) but, the colour is a true black  and it really does lengthen.  Overall I would give it a B+.  Good effort but there is room for improvement!



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