Cosmetics a la Carte: Total Lift Off One Step Clean for Lashes and Face

Cosmetics A La Carte Total Lift Off

My interest in micellars is not fading any time soon.  I first came into contact with the Cosmetics a La Carte Total Lift Off one step Clean for Lashes and Face  at my custom blend experience.  It was used to remove the make up that I was wearing and then to remove the iterations of my custom blend.  Which is did without any irritation or tautness to my skin.



The first thing that I noticed was the colour.  Unlike the majority of micellars, this one is pink and when the bottle is shaken it foams more than other micellars that I have tried.  The pink colour I associate with the rose oil in the product.The rose fragrance – whilst rose if not my preferred fragrance in a product and this scent is quite strong, it did not put me off using it as one it is on the skin, you can’t smell it.

Cosmetics a La carte Lift Off Sample PatentPurpleLife

The other difference between this and other micellars that I have tried is that Total Lift Off is a  cleanser and toner in one.  Personally I am not a fan of multi functional cleansers so I use this to remove make up in the evening and I always use a separate toner afterwards.  It is very gentle on the skin, there is no tightness/tautness after use.  You will need to go over your face a couple of times more than with Bioderma but this is a good product for travelling and /or no make up days.


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