BRAND ALERT: Bandale Shea Butter

Bandale Shea Butter

It has been a while since I have reviewed a shea product and this one is a doozy.

Bandale is a family run company that I met at the Allergy and Free From Show.  I stopped to talk to this husband, wife and mother team because all of them had amazing skin.  There really is no better advertisement for a skin company.  Anyway, the  Bandale range was born when a young member of the family was struggling with eczema and the products that the GP prescribed were not working.


Bandale Shea Butter PatentPurpleLife

Glorious shea butter sourced from West Africa.  The benefits of shea butter for the skin are well known (nourishing, moisturising, good for hair and body, vitamins A, E and F, non comodogenic etc etc).  The one I picked up is shea butter mixed with coconut oil.  A limited edition blend which combines the nourishment of the shea with the all round moisturising goodness of the coconut oil.   Suitable for hair and body, I have been slathering my hair and body in this and my skin and hair have been loving it.  

Can we talk about the packaging?  It is one of the best I have seen for shea butter.  It is a black glass jar.  Yes, GLASS.  Not only does the colour protect from direct sunlight,  so it can be refilled again and again.  For me, a glass jar means that a product has been thought about.    It is a small touch but I really appreciate it.  As the brand grows I really hope they keep the black jars.

Sometimes it is good to be back to what your skin knows and loves.   Have a look at their website or get in touch with the team on twitter @BandaleLtd to find out more about the range.



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