Rituals Perfection Volume Mascara

Rituals Mascara Volume Mascara

Rituals Mascara Free with Instyle Magazine

Kiss Ass 2 comes to cinemas next week and Chloe Moretz has been doing to promotion junket in readiness.  She was on the front of InStyle last month looking amazing. 

Rituals Mascara PatentPurpleLife 2

The freebie with the magazine was the Rituals Perfections Volume Mascara.  I always associated Rituals with face and body – I had no idea that they did make up.  Mascaras  are such a personal thing, what one person likes an other person doesn’t but the most important thing is that they don’t claim to do more than they actually do.

 Rituals Mascara PatentPurpleLife

Rituals volume mascara is housed in a very simple black tube with silver writing.  The mascara smells a bit synthetic but you can’t smell it when it is on the lashes.  The formula is quite moisturising, it does not dry hard, so it gives you flexible lashes which I like.   It is not the blackest black so it is quite a natural look.  Despite the fact that this mascara is described as a volumising mascara, I found that it gave me more length than volume.

 Rituals Mascara PatentPurpleLife 1

I really like the brush.  The slightly narrower end means that you can get into the corner lashes and bottom lashes quite easily, and the large number of bristles mean that every lash get coated.  I think that the brush is good for providing volume, but I thought it was the formula that let it down.   

 That was until  I discovered how great  it is for eyebrows.  The formula is not super black which means that I can use it without looking like one of the Marx brothers.  It coats the brows beautifully and makes the very short tail of my tadpole eyebrows look more defined thicker and fuller ie volumised.  So it would seem that shorter sparser lashes benefit from this formula more than medium length already quite thick eyelashes.  In addition does not dry hard, it means that you can move your eyebrows easily.  So, if your lashes and or brows are quite sparse – this might be a good option for you. 


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