Bodhi Pep Noir Energising Bath Shower Therapy & Body Moisturiser

Bodhi Pep Noir

This is a set that I bought with the mister in mind.  Pep Noir – or black pepper is a fragrance in bath and shower products that is often pushed towards men.  I thought it would be nice for there to be an option in the bath for the mister that he could use to his heart’s content.

Bodhi 4

Bodhi means enlightenment and this British range take uses ethically sourced botanicals to support not only the well being of your skin but your mind using oils that stimulate the senses.

The range is free from parabens,  sulphates, synthetic colours and fragrances and animal ingredients, except beeswax and honey.  Their packaging is made from recycled materials which offsets their carbon footprint and they don’t test on animals

Bodhi 5

The first time the mister  used it, I asked him what he thought of the shower gel?  “Yeah… I like it…”   he said.   I pressed him a bit more “What do you think it smell of?”  Exasperated, he said  “I don’t know.” “It’s black pepper” I said and his response was… “Why are you trying make me smell like a seasoned piece of meat?” At this point I left the bathroom shaking my head in disgust and muttering under my breath.   This product does not leave you smelling like a peppered steak.  Honestly. It doesn’t!



The blend has real depth – yes the warming and spicy black pepper is there, but there is added warmth from the ginger, spiciness from the white tyme, a touch of sweetness from the cinnamon, depth from the oakmoss and frankincense and a bit of balance from the bergamot.  It is stimulating and invigorating and a great shower in the morning if you are feeling tired and sluggish and there is lactic acid in the mix which provides some gentle exfoliation.  The formulation  does not leave the skin stripped or tight and the skin is fragranced with this gorgeous scent.  Everybody’s body chemistry is different, so whilst it smells nice and quite clean  on me, it smells distinctly sexy on the mister – the base notes come through much more strongly on his skin.

My favourite part of the double act however is the body moisturiser.  Seriously this is good stuff.  So we have already established that the smell is lovely, what really impressed me was the moisturising and nourishing effect it had on my very dry skin.  Organic coconut oil, shea butter and kukui nut oil are balanced with just the right amount of water and glycerine.

Bodhi 1


This body moisturiser, is a light cream, you have to push it out of the tube so it is not a lotion.  The fragrance is slightly softer then the shower gel, which is nice because it does not overpower the skin when you layer the two together. When I first started to rub it into the skin, I thought it was going to be another body product that I would need to relegate to the hand cream pile as it was not going to be moisturising enough… but blow me down, this stuff can stave off my scaly skin for 8 hours.

This is a great range and I love the fragrance and the formulations  and I’m excited to try the Neroli face oil from this range.





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