Bodhi Wash Cloth

Bodhi Wash Cloth

Bodhi wash clothI was very impressed with Bodhi’s shower therapy and body moisturiser that I went back for the wash cloth.   Full disclosure – I am a member of the flannel brigade.  Previously I was a member of the muslin cloth contingent, but I find flannels to be both cheaper and more effective and removing cleansing balms, cleansing creams, face masks and other face products that I put onto and then remove from my face.    In addition, as an avid knitter (yes, really) I know how soft and sustainable bamboo is so I though this would be a good addition to my flannel collection.

Bodhi wash cloth 3

This is two cloths of different textures stitched together at the edges of the cloths.  It is not one cloth that has two textures.  This is a very important distinction as you will see if you read on.  The bamboo cloth is textured, it is not rough but it has almost a garter stitch texture  (raised stitch pattern) which means it has an exfoliating action on the skin.  It is not soft like silk,  but soft like a new, high quality flannel.

The cotton cloth is smooth textured.  It looks like a microfibre cloth, but it is much softer.  Bodhi advise that the bamboo side is used for exfoliation and the cotton side is used for deep cleansing.

Bodhi wash cloth 1


The reason that this wash cloth actually being two cloths is an issue is that the wash cloth is used wet not dry, so when you are using one or other side of the cloth, the other cloth moves independently of the side you are using.  So if you are using the cotton side, your hands are on the bamboo side, so the bamboo side is moving and the cotton side is staying in the same place on your face.  It makes it slightly awkward to use.  Unless I ball up the cloth, the independence of the cloths make thorough removal of products difficult.  For the face, this does not work for me.  On the body, the bamboo side provides gentle exfoliation on the body which I really like but I have to fold the cloth to stop them from moving independently.  Rather then relegate the wash cloth to the duster pile…. which mainly consists of muslin cloths – I have separated the two cloths and use the bamboo one for the body and have kept the cotton one for the face!!


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