This Works Really Rich Lotion

This Works Really Rich Lotion

This one has been in the beauty cupboard for a while, but since This Works have now changed the formula and the packaging I thought I should get my review up sooner rather then later.

This Works Enjoy Really Rich Lotion, is really rich… for a body lotion.  As my skin is extra dry my requirements of a body lotion are really high and this one meets them pretty well.   The lotion is thick and quite hard to squeezed out of the tube, although I think this is due to the very thick square plastic bottle rather than the thickness of the loion.  For this reason it is brilliant that he product is provided with a pump.  That said it makes it difficult to get to the last drop of lotion and you will want to because this lotion is a good one.

This lotion is a no nasties product, no mineral oil, no genetically modified ingredients or sulphates or colour or fragrance.  All of which is positive.  The best thing about this product through has to be the fragrance.  This is a water and rose water based lotion (although the thick texture does not give this impression.  Sweet almond oil and aloe vera form the base, with some added shea butter and olive oil form the moisturising element.  But the fragrance is just yummy and it stays on the skin for ages.

The fragrance is really familiar, due to the rose and citrus blend.  To me, the fragrance is similar to Liz Earle’s Orange flower body wash which despite having rose in the blend, I really love.  In this body lotion rose and geranium are blending with patchouli and sweet orange.  It is a really energising blend.  Great for mornings or after a work out.  If a body cream is too heavy for you and a body lotion not moisturising enough, This Works Enjoy Really Rich Lotion is a great option.



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