Gorgeous metallics … Kryolan Metallique Luxury 2 Palette

KryolanMetallique Luxury 2 Palette

I went to IMATS for this first time this year an I was determined to pick up some brands that I cant get on the high street on in a department store.  Kryolan is a pro band.  Their tagline is make is a science.  Love it.  I bought this palette for the blue, but all the colours are amazing.

KryolanMetallique Luxury 2 Palette

The palette is matt silver with the brand highlighted in a mirror finish. It is thin with a clear panel which shows the colours and on opening there is a full width mirror which means that you could make up your eyes with it.  It also comes with a small flat brush.

Kryolan Metallique Luxury 2 Palette

The colours are creams are the texture  is very very smooth but they are stickier on the eye then a MAC Paint Pot.   If you want a sheer application, apply with the fingers and blend it out. I can imagine, that if it was used on the body, this would be a good application technique.  On the eye however, I find it easier to use a brush and surprisingly a fluffly blending brush works better then a dense flat brush that you would usually use to pick up eyeshadow colour with .  I have worn this as a colour on it’s own.  It does crease after a couple of hours if you don’t use a primer  (eg Two Faced Shadow Insurance).  My favourite way to use it however it as a base colour.  I love to wear it with a matte shadow over the top because the metallic shows through so a colour that you may feel is unispiring takes on a completely different look.

Kroylan Metallique Swatches

The Mysterious Blue is slightly deeper then cobalt – great with chocolate skin and brown eyes.  The Pure Bronze does not show up as a colour on my skin, which makes is a perfect base for neutral tones like MAC corduroy.  Sparking silver is as the name suggests sparkling.  Great for a smoky eye as you can use the neautral colour near to the tear duct and the deeper shades toward the outer eye and all with have the shimmer.  The Elegant Gold is not a bright yellow so it is not stark on the skin.  The Delux Champagne has a hint of grey without being pewter.  All the colours are really wearable and if you are looking for a range of colour bases for your shadows this is a great option


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