Trish McEvoy Intense Gel Liner

Trish McEvoy Gel Eyeliner

There is a picture of me from school – I must have been about sixteen or seventeen as I am wearing my own clothes and a wide rimmed hat (don’t laugh).  We weren’t allowed to wear make up to school but I decided to line my eyes with a black eyeliner for the photo session.  I recall that one of the teachers asked me if I was wearing eyeliner and I said that I wasn’t as I did not want ot have to remove it.  That is not my earliest make up memory, but it was one of my strongest.

Trish McEvoy Gel Eyeliner

As someone with a face the make up artists constantly tell me ‘can take a lot of make up’ black eyeliner in my waterline has been a staple of my make up look from day one.   Back then all I knew was that my eyes looked better defined, and twenty years later it is still the case.

Trish McEvoy Gel Eyeliner 1

The Trish McEvoy Gel Eyeliner in Black was introduced to me by  the gorgeous Marta, at the concession in Liberty.  Marta is lovely and can get me to buy almost anything from Trish McEvoy but the reason I plumped for the eyeliner was because I saw the beautiful bambi eyed Marta wearing the eyeliner in a graphic flick.  It looked perfect, intense black, defined lines, smudgeproof and with a hint of shimmer.

Trish McEvoy Gel Eyeliner 3

When she showed me the one product that she had used to achieve the look, I was intrigued.  As she began to explain the features of the eyeliner I fell in love.

Trish McEvoy Gel Eyeliner 4

  • This is a gel liner, in pencil format so it is super soft on the skin, softer then any khol pencil.  It is a joy to use on the waterline and the lid.
  • Like a gel liner, you have time to smudge the product but once it sets it is smudgeproof.
  • It comes with a smudger on the end of the pencil so you don’t have to rely on your finger, a brush or a cotton bud – all of which work well, but for smudging under the eye, the smudger is perfect.
  • It comes with a sharpener so you can sharpen it to a fine point for detailed work or slightly less if you are going to be using it on the lid.
  • It has sparkle in it.  Grown up sparkle that catches the light occasionally.

Trish McEvoy Gel Eyeliner Sharpener

I love this eyeliner.  The packaging is beautifully simple yet sophisticated, the textured white box which houses the silver cased pencil and sharpener.  I love the soft texture and the gentle shimmer but most of all I love how intensely black this product it.  If you want to see how this looks on the skin, head over to my Instagram (@patentpurplelife) as I have been wearing it every day.






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