Sixty Seconds With…. Alberthas Garden Nutmeg and Melon Seed Rejuvenating Body Wash

I will be doing a full review of the body butter from this range in the new year so I can talk at length about the marvellous Karen and Tony Welch and the great work that they are doing with Alberthas Garden but I received a sample of the body wash at the Swap in the City Event and I wanted to post a review of my thoughts.

The fragrance is very gentle and it is hard to define the individual notes in the blend.  It does not smell like nutmeg or melon to my nose but it is fresh with a touch of warmth at the same time. It does leave the skin fragranced, but it is not a heavy scent and it does not linger of the skin. It is a good option if you are not looking for a heady floral or synthetic sweet fragrance.

Alberthas Garden

The body wash is concentrated as you don’t need to use a lot.  It does foam (small dense bubbles) but is not irritatating or drying on the skin  but as I have very dry skin I always followed with a moisturiser.

I love it on the body but this product is an AMAZING hand wash too.  I used it to wash my hands after marinading some meat with a conco,ction of garlic, anchovy paste sun dried tomatoe and other smelly but delicious  things. Iit left my hands clean, (I had rubbed the marinade into the skin with my hands so they were covered in oil and stuff) clean smelling and not at all irritated so my sample now lives in the kitchen.

Karen and Tony – if you are reading this – handwash and handlotion #justsayin


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