#Cleanseaholic: MOA The Green Balm Daily Cleansing Ritual

Moa Green Balm

I love a cleansing  balm.  I tend not to use them to take off my make up but to give my face a thorough cleanse in the evening and on no make up days.  Moa The Green Balm is a product that has a bit of a cult  following so I was fortunate to receive this from both London Beauty Bloggers AND the Be Woman gift bag.  This British brand only makes one product – the Green Balm.

Moa Green Balm

I love the packaging.  It comes in a cardboard tube with the ingredients listed and the instructions for use are listed clearly.  It is a product that has been designed for make up removal and facial massage.  The balm is then removed with the bamboo cloth that is supplied.  The balm itself is in a plastic tub with a screw top lid.

Moa Green Balm tube

The bamboo cloth is softer then a muslin cloth that often comes with products but I still prefer my flannel.

Moa Green Balm (3)

The texture is nice.  It is not as oily as Jane Scrivner but is does melt in the hands very quickly and it is not affected by temperature.  It keeps the consistency and form despite the drop in temperature.

Moa Breen Balm

This balm is a mixture of coconut oil, almond oil, soy bean oil, beeswax, with yarrow,  water tea tree oil and chlorophyll.  The yarrow helps to reduce redness and inflammation, the tea tree is anti bacterial, anti fungal, anti microbial and cholophyll is another anti microbial and anti inflammatory.  Although I still get the occasional break out, my first choice of balm would not have so much focus on anti inflamattory and anti fungal ingredients.

Moa Green Balm (6)

Moa advise that this product is multi – functional.  The yarrow as well as being anti inflammatory, is also historically a medicinal herb, used topically on cuts and abrasions.  The Green Balm is promoted as a product that can be used to soothe cuts and grazes.  I did not have any to test it on but I did use it as a lip balm, (worked well but I would have preferred it to be fragrance free) as cuticle cream (definitely made the softer), as a make up remover (it worked well removing eye make up with ease) and on dry patches on my legs.

If you are a fan of coconut oil for cleansing, you will love this product.  If you have spot prone skin, I think the added tea tree and yarrow will be appreciated and if you are looking for a seriously multifunctional product, you will love this.


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