Batting my Lashes: Revitalish Mascara Duo


I used and loved Revitalash, so I though I would try their mascara offer to see what it is like.  After all, these people clearly know lashes.Revitalash Mascara Duo


I am not a huge fan of primers for eyelashes.  I feel like the mascara should do the job in two coats – three max and previous iterations of primer that I have used has been white, which is very stark against my black lashes and often difficult to cover completely so there is a white speck on the lashes after application.


The primer

The primer is the main reason that I have been using  this duo for as long has I have, instead of relegating it to the bin.  Firstly it is blue – hurrah. Blue black is the most flattering of blacks I think.  It is such a pretty cobalt colour, that I sometimes wear it on my own.


It does not volumise but it does coat each and every lash beautifully and it does register as blue on the lashes which many blue mascaras don’t do.  I have used it under other brands of mascara and found that if the mascara was not great, it helped to create defined separated lashes and the blue colour at the lashline is very flattering, but it the mascara was already good, it did not make much difference.




The Mascara

The wand is the same as the primer.  Same width all the way along the length.  Used on it’s own, it is not volumising or lengthening.  To be honest it did very little for my lashes.  I actually found that this product clumps if you tried to apply a second coat when the lashes were still damp, even after using the primer.  The formula of the mascara is quite wet so it took a while to dry.  The clumpy nice can be quite nice If you are going for a slightly sixties inspired look… but otherwise no.  The mascara is not the blackest of blacks either so it works well with the primer as the blue intensifies the colour but on it’s own it is not the carbon black that I prefer.

Revitalash Masara Wand

As much as I love the serum, this mascara duo has been disappointing to me.



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