Sixty Seconds with… Trish McEvoy 9 Blackberry and Vanilla Musk

Trish McEvoy BlackBerry and Vanilla Musk Fragrance

Trish McEvoy 9

This was part of this years Ultimate Beauty Gift.  I am a fan of the Trish McEvoy Range so was keen to try this.  If you like a grown up fruity fragrance, this is definitely one for you.  The blackcurrant comes through very  strongly at the beginning. If you are not a fruity fan, you will find this a bit overwhelming.  Having said it is fruity it is not sugary jam fruit, it is a more realistic sharp blackberry scent.

Trish McEvoy 9 (2)

This sharp fruity blackberry then fades quite quickly into a more musky, fragrance.  On my skin, the vanilla does not register very much at all. It smells like a less musky, less sweet version of the White  Musk from Bodyshop that I wore in my youth.  It does not have much longevity when I wear it either – definitely needs a midday respray.   I do like this fragrance but not on my skin. I would prefer it as a candle, which I know is available.


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