#Cleanseaholic: Creme de La Mer Cleansing Oil

Creme de la Mer Cleansing Oil

This was a gift from my very generous sister for my birthday in September.  I remember how when I took off the wrapping paper and opened up the box my mum said to my sister ‘she’s too young for Crème de La Mer’.  I did not know that my mum even knew about Crème de La Mer.  Clearly all those days when she claimed to be in John Lewis looking for clothes, she was in the beauty hall.  Anyway, the Cleansing Oil…

Creme De La Mer Gift Box 1

Beautifully packaged in a white box (which I have kept) and nestled in the sturdy green tissue paper was a green box which contained the oil that I have been cleansing my face with for the past few months.

Creme De La Mer Cleansing Oil

Lets talk about the packaging first.  The bottle is plastic.  I wanted glass because it is Crème de La Mer, but the practicality prevails.  The interesting part for me is the pump which is silver, but you will notice from the pictures there is a white plastic tube nozzles which is about an inch long.  This bottle was clearly designed by someone who really thought about it.  Have you have had to dispense an oil from a pump.   It either squirts out at a 90 degree angle or it drizzles down the bottle.  This one inch nozzle means which is slightly curved means that you can hold your hand under the nozzle and the oil will come out in a more controlled manner.  It is genius and has been attached in a very sturdy manner to the pump.

Cleansing Oil 6

This is an oil that turns into a milk when water is added which means that it can be rinsed away with warm water, and  also means that it contains surfactants.   Despite this, it does leave the skin nourished and moisturised, even with double cleansing.    It also contains a very interesting mix of ingredients.  The main oil ingredient is sesame seed oil but there is also sunflower seed cake (what is that?), almond seed meal (what is that?) and grapeseed oil.

Cleansing Oil 1

There is also magnatized tourmaline, which without getting into the physics of pyro and pizo electric properties, is claimed to dissolve oil without affecting the natural balance of the skin,  (hmm?) and pearl powder as well as Crème De La Mer’s proprietary Miracle broth ( which includes seaweed extract, sea salt and chlorella) some green colour  and titanium dioxide.

Cleansing Oil 7

Originally I was only using it as my first stage cleansing to remove make up which is does with ease.  Whilst having this at my sink I have not be using Bioderma.  It stings if you get it in your eyes but it deals with mascara, shadow, pigment, lash glue, stick foundation,  and every thing else with ease. Massage it into the skin and remove either with water or with a flannel.

Cleansing Oil 3

It does not have a strong smell and to disperse the pearl powder evenly throughout the product, give it a quick but gentle shake.  When a pump of the oil is dispersed, you get a slight seen from the pearl powder but the green colour is not present when applied to the skin.

As the temperature has dropped, I have been using it as a double cleanse and sometimes I use it in the mornings as well. It is very quick and easy to use and you can get a great facial massage with it.  One pump is enough… but I often use two…just because I can.

I have watched enough QVC to know that tourmaline and pearls are beautiful gemstones, but I also know that the quantities in this product will be very very low.  Despite the pseudo science, I have no shame in admitting that I have completely succumb to the marketing and love this product.  Not only does it remove make up easily, and cleanse the skin gently, the nozzle on the pump is genius and I like the green colour.  This is a great option for a #cleanseaholic like myself who loves the aspirational element of a luxury product but more importantly wants results.


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