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Too Faced Shadow Insurance

Shadow Insurance Box

If you follow me on Instagram, you will know that I love eyeshadow.  All colours and all textures are beautiful and intriguing to me.  However, I have the beginnings of hooded eyes and when my eyes are open, lots of my lid is folded under another fold of skin.  This means that my eyes have a tendency to ‘eat’ eyeshadow unless I use a base underneath it.  Some pencils are too waxy and the shadow just falls off my face. I like a MAC paint pot, but I am also a fan of an eyeshadow primer.

Shadow Insurance

The Urban Decay vs Too Faced eyelid primer debate is raging in beauty blogs and on you tube.  It is like the Apple vs Samsung debate of the eyelid primer world.  Both are great but people tend to be devotees of one of the other.  I have used and enjoyed the omnipresent Urban Decay Primer Potion but a few months ago when I was in the market for a new primer, I decided to get the Too Faced Shadow Insurance.

Shadow Insurance (3)

This product is extremely concentrated, so a very small amount is needed to cover the whole lid.  However, if your skin is irritated by Bismuth Oxychloride and Titanium Dioxide  you need to steer clear of this product as it contains both of those ingredients.

The packaging is very pretty, the turquoise box and tube with pretty calligraphy and the clever name. The primer is light beige in colour, but when applied in a thin layer to the skin it is almost clear – there is a slight hint of a cast on the skin.  It does not change the colour of the shadow at all.  It does keep the shadow on all day – more then twelve hours on the lid but it cannot be said that it intensifies the colour of the shadow.  Like it says on the box your shadow does not crease with this product underneath it.  Is it better then Urban Decay’s Primer Potion?  In my opinion no.  They both do an excellent job of increasing the longevity of your eyeshadow.


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