Sixty Seconds with … Balance Me Citrus and Spice Hand and Body Lotion

Balance Me Citrus and Spice Hand and Body Lotion

Balance Me’s Citrus and Spice Hand Body Lotion  seemed like a good choice for the holiday season.  Citrus and Spice is a very typical blend at this time of year and a hand a body lotion is a skincare essential. The aromatics are  bergamot, pettigrain, red mandarin, peppermint and clove.  With this range of citrus notes, the fragrance of this lotion should be sending me into a citrus frenzy.  Sadly not.  The fresh peppermint dominates followed by the clove, so the citrus is tertiary.  The fragrance is not that long lasting on the skin either ten to fifteen minutes.

Balance Me (2)

As with all Balance Me products there are some good skin loving ingredients, including shea butter, sweet almond oil, aloe vera and glycerine.  This formula has a high water content and is not rich enough for a body lotion for me.  It works as a very light hand cream but with my very dry skin, it needs repeated application.


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