Combatting Winter Dry Skin: Elemental Herbology Botanical Body Repair

Elemental Herbology Botanical Body Repair

It’s been a while since I have reviewed a body oil and I am so glad that I got back on track with this one.  Elemental Herbology is a British Brand skincare brand with a no synthetic fragrance, artificial colour, mineral oil, sulphates, parabens, preservatives and animal testing policy.

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The Botanical Body Repair is boxed and comes in a glass bottle (hurrah) which is reminiscent of a men’s cologne bottle and the yellow oil sits very well displayed with perfume and other products.  When you unscrew the cap the first thing that hits you in the gorgeous smell.  The jasmine, mandarin and frangipani give you a delicately heady yet warm floral note.  I would say that the fragrance is feminine.  The mister liked the smell (on me) but would not go for the scent for himself.

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The sweet almond base means that it is  not a thick or heavy  oil.  It is blended with a range of skin loving oils including, macadamia, argan, so it has lots of anti oxidants, is jam packed with vitamins A, C and E and fatty acids to help regulate the skins renewal. It absorbs  into the skin quickly leaving  a sheen on the skin.    Apply it onto damp skin for greatest effect (it works on dry skin too) and enjoy the amazing fragrance for about twenty minutes on the skin.  I like to put this in a basin of warm water while I am showering, especially if I am using an exfoliator so that the oil is warm when applied to the skin. Ohhh, and make sure that you have a towel on a warm radiator to pat the skin dry with.  A mini spa treatment in your own home.

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This is a great gift – not only is it beautifully presented, it is also a light oil so for people who don’t suffer with dry skin as dry as mine.  A gorgeous, indulgent treat.


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