Lust List #1 Phillip Lim Small Ryder Bag

Phillip Lim Small Ryder Bag

Internet shopping is both a blessing and a curse.  A blessing because it allows you to shop from the comfort of your home, but a curse because it exposes you to items that you would not necessarily have seen before.  Having seeing these items, you then begin to think about them, follow the brand on social media, you continue to  lust after them and before you know it, you have a long list of items that you are drooling over.  One of my favourite sites  for drooling is Avenue 32.  This site has one of the most  wearable edits of clothing and accessories on the internet. I am a sucker for accessories and bags are a weakness of mine.



And one of my favourite designers to drool over is Phillip Lim.  His 3.1 range has a sports luxe feel and what really rocks my boat about this range are the accessories.   Each season I find myself lusting over his shoes or  bags or often both.  Is there anything better then beautiful quality leather, practical yet beautiful designs and great fastenings?

 Avenue 32 Philip Lim Ryder bag


For the past twelve months or so it has been the Ryder bag that I have been yearning for.  My desire moving between the large and medium sized bags, big enough for all my bits and bobs and secured at the top with a zip.   Recently however, (perhaps because I am going on a city break shortly) I have been drooling over the small Ryder Bag.  Especially since the latest iteration has the black leather stamped with crosses which gives it interest without screaming look at me.  It also has a double zip which I think is a brilliant touch for a small bag and a sturdy grab handle.

 Avenue 32 Small Philip Lim Ryder bag


The size would be perfect for my travel documents currency tissues and a travel map and other bits that you pick up meandering around a new town.   The zip opens across two thirds of the bag which means that it opens wide without being fiddly.   The cross body strap is not super thin (one of my bug bears in cross body bags) with a double zip.  I can take the cross body strap off for evenings and whilst it screams quality it does not scream designer.  It is also small enough to put into a larger bag.  Gorgeous isn’t it?

If you are a fan of 3.1 Phillip Lim, head over to Avenue 32  they have a great edit from the range and you can lust over the small Ryder bag with me!

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