Illamasqua ESP

It is February, which means that Patent Purple Life will be focusing on lip products for the whole month in anticipation of Valentines Day and the onset of Spring.

Illamasqua (91)

I am starting the month with an amazing colour from Illamasqua that fuels my purple obsession.

Illamasqua (90)

ESP, Extra Special Purple (that is how I think of it anyway, Illamasqua may have means Extra Sensory Perception when they called it ESP!).   This is my second Illamasqua lipstick, I reviewed Disciple here last year so I was already familiar with the formulation and packaging of an Illamasqua lippie.

Illamasqua (88)

ESP is described by Illamasqua as a vivid violet which sounds perfect but the creation of a purple shade is tricky for two reasons. The balance of the blue and especially the red/pink  in the formula, and the undertone of the person wearing it means that a swatch is often necessary because you cannot guarantee the shade of the bullet will translate to the skin.

Illamasqua (87)

I also appreciate that a colour this vivid is matte rather then glossy or having a ‘moisturising’ formula. Not only does it create excellent longevity but it really does make it all about the colour rather then the finish. A slick of lip balm before applying it will help if dryness is an issue for you. I do not find that this colour is patchy so I apply it straight from the bullet without a lip pencil and I get even coverage across my two tone lips.  There are lots of purples on the market but not all purples are made equally and this is a shade that you will not find a lot of dupes for.

Illamasqua ESP Patent Puple Life

I love the fact that the colour is the bullet is what you get on the lips.  There is something almost neon about the colour – gorgeous.  It really is a show stopper and for a purple obsessive like me it makes me very very happy.


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